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We are a dedicated headache and migraine clinic aimed at treating headache and migraine sufferers. Rodney Rossetto has been practising physiotherapy for 12 years and recently established the headache clinic in 2013. In addition to attending the 3 day Level I Foundation Headache Course. He has now attended a 2 day Level II Consolidation Headache Course, 'The Role of CO-C3 Segmental Dysfunction in Primary Headache' in Sydney presented by Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Dean H Watson of the Watson Headache™ Institute.

The course is based on the Watson Headache™ Approach, a protocol for the skilled assessment and management of the upper cervical (neck) spine in headache and migraine conditions.

The Watson Headache™ Approach is recognised internationally as a highly evolved, sophisticated and scientifically researched method of examination and treatment of the upper cervical (neck) spine disorders in headache and migraine conditions.

The diagnostic accuracy of the Watson Headache™ Approach is unparalleled - not only can it confirm if disorders in the upper neck are responsible for headache or migraine, but this approach determines the exact nature of the disorder and which spinal joints are involved - there is no guesswork. This is done by temporary reproduction and easing of usual head pain (as the examination techniques are sustained). This is unique to, and the fundamental and most powerful feature of the Watson Headache™ Approach.

If you or someone you know is suffering from this debilitating condition and would like to know more information please contact us at Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic and speak to one of our friendly staff who can answer any questions you may have.